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#Activism Resources: Episode 9 #CreativeConfrontation with Shane Claiborne

#Activism Resources: Episode 9 #CreativeConfrontation with Shane Claiborne

July 6, 2020
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Guest for this episode:

Shane Claiborne

Organizations & Leaders:

The Simple Way - We started when a group of friends moved into Kensington, Philadelphia who felt motivated to love and care for people in our neighborhood and around the world. Now, we’re a mix of folks who grew up in Kensington and others who became neighbors more recently. Our work is rooted in genuine love for each other.

Red Letter Christians (RLC) - Red Letter Christians began in 2007 as a community of Christian authors and speakers meeting for a time of fellowship and discussion of the pressing issues of the day. Rev. Dr. Tony Campolo gathered together friends who felt strongly that Western Christianity had lost its focus on Jesus and were concerned at the growing misuse of the word “evangelical” to identify a voting bloc. Their desire was a church that looked like Jesus and a recapturing of the term evangelical to mean a people who bring good news to the world.

RAWtools - We want to be comprehensive in our efforts to move communities away from violence. It’s not enough to just make a lot of tools from guns. We need to help teach each other new ways to solve our problems through relationship, dialogue, and alternative means of justice.

Terence Lester - Terence Lester is a speaker, activist, author, and thought leader in the realm of systemic poverty. He’s known for nationwide campaigns that bring awareness to issues surrounding homelessness, poverty, and economic inequality.

Love Beyond Walls - The organization has focused on raising awareness of the realities and needs of those experiencing lack and vulnerability, and using that vehicle as a way of mobilizing people to take part in those stories.


Beating Guns: Hope for People Who are Weary of Violence by Shane Claiborne and Michael Martin

Executing Grace: How the Death Penalty Killed Jesus and Why It's Killing Us by Shane Claiborne

Social Justice Handbook: Small Steps for a Better World by Mae Elise Cannon

Resource on Mother Teresa - Just Spirituality: How Faith Practices Fuel Social Action by Mae Elise Cannon


The Evangelist: Can Shane Claiborne’s progressive version of evangelical Christianity catch on with a new generation? - The Washington Post

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